January 2019

Its halfway through January and I feel well settled into 2019 already. I’m still working on the peacock brooch I mentioned in my last update and will share pictures as soon as its completed.

I’m planning a few trips to find some very special stones to feature in my pieces this year, I haven’t decided on a theme, I’ll let the stones dictate how they will be best set and worn. It’s amazing how different a gem can look in the right style and setting.

Whilst traditional jewellery styles seem to be regaining popularity, they don’t suit everyone's taste and I am again being asked to take a look at re-styling unworn pieces from my customers; often family heirlooms that go from draw to draw never being enjoyed. The stones are often exquisite and its a shame they don’t see the light of day, so I really love giving them new life. The possibilities are almost endless - adding new stones to enhance or splitting large clusters for a cleaner more modem look, changing settings from yellow gold to white gold or converting a ring into a pendant for example.

Do get in touch if you have ideas that you would like to see realised, or jewellery you no longer wear that could benefit from a re-work.

You can call or email me on: 07768 592552 and  

Don’t forget, if you see anything on my website that you like I am happy to arrange appointments at my workshop for viewings as well as home approvals.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Best Regards


Susan Vedadi 												jewellery Commission 1a Commission 1c Commission 1d

This client no longer wore her original rings and wanted to re-use the stones. The only stones added were a set of ruby's to celebrate an important wedding anniversary. She now has a beautiful set of very wearable rings that can be interchanged for any occasion.

Shown in 3  combinations

Susan Vedadi 												jewellery